Personalmanagement und Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologie

Herausgegeben von: Maike Andresen und Judith Volmer

ISSN: 2748-1441, eISSN: 2748-145X

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Wanderlust to wonderland? : Exploring key issues in expatriate careers: Individual, organizational, and societal insights / Maike Andresen, Silke Anger, Akram Al Ariss, Cordula Barzantny, Herbert Brücker, Michael Dickmann, Liisa Mäkelä, Sara Louise Muhr, Thomas Saalfeld, Vesa Suutari, Mette Zølner (Eds.)

Bamberg: Univ. of Bamberg Press, 2022
(Personalmanagement und Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologie ; 2)

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Expatriation has been a topic of much research recently. The important role expatriates play in the internationalisation of an organisation and the resultant effects of such a work experience on the expatriates themselves, have fuelled the interest in this domain. This edited volume serves to provide fresh and timely insights into four areas, covering the individual, over the organisational, to the macro-level. First, the career paths of the expatriates, which not only garners them the career capital they may be able to utilise later in their career but also, the impacts of such an experience on their longer-term career success are in focus. The second block concerns the expatriation phase itself. A critical look is taken into the expatriates’ identity and how it changes over time. Moreover, it discusses factors influencing the expatriates’ well-being, embeddedness, and socio-cultural integration during their time abroad. Third, some key global mobility management challenges that organisations face, when managing expatriation, are introduced —such as flexible language management and how to become an international employer. Finally, insights are provided into the role of the host country policies – more specifically hostile environment and migration policies – on expatriate attitudes and behaviour, which has received less attention in previous research. All four areas are finally brought together to present a rich overview of future research questions that shall stimulate researchers and practitioners in their further deliberations.
The chapters are based on selected results from the respective research subprojects of the Early Stage Researchers of the Horizon 2020 Global Mobility of Employees (GLOMO) project. This project was funded under the European Union’s Research and Innovation Programme H2020 in the framework of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Grant Agreement No 765355.

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Between desirability and reality : conceptualization, measurement, causes, and consequences of overemployment / von Julia Hiemer

Bamberg: Univ. of Bamberg Press, 2022
(Personalmanagement und Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologie ; 1)

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Overemployment, i.e., the preference for fewer work hours, is a widespread phenomenon in western societies, which may have negative consequences for individual well-being and organizational functioning. Previously overemployment has been defi ned from an economic perspective mainly as a time-money trade-off problem. This work is the first to adopt a psychological and subjectivist view on overemployment. Over three research projects a theory of overemployment, its causes and consequences is constructed and tested. In addition, a multidimensional overemployment scale is developed and initially validated. The three research projects include: fi rst, a review on overemployment conceptualizations and measurements; second, a Grounded Theory interview study with the aim to develop a theory on overemployment, its causes, and consequences; and third, a scale development study comprising over 1,400 participants over 4 studies. The importance of overemployment for individual well-being (e.g., burnout, job satisfaction), as well as for organizational variables (e.g., commitment, turnover intention) is shown. Overemployment is found to be a multidimensional construct consisting of three dimensions: length, density, and distribution of work time. The developed theory and scale will allow future researchers to analyze overemployment in more detail. The work offers interesting insights for HR and management practitioners when it comes to creating attractive working conditions.

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