Exploring Religion in Africa

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Edited by Joachim Kügler, Lovemore Togarasei, Masiiwa R. Gunda. In cooperation with  Ezra Chitando and Nisbert Taringa.

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Abundant Life and Basic Needs : African Religions as a Resource for Sustainable Development, with Special Reference to Shona Religion / Bednicho Nyoni

Bamberg: Univ. of Bamberg Press, 2019
(Bible in Africa Studies ; 23) (Exploring Religion in Africa ; 2)

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In Africa, religion shows no sign of disappearing or diminishing as development theorists have generally supposed. Africans have certain religious values which are sources of inspiration and strength. If incorporated, they can greatly contribute to development initiatives in their planning, implementation and monitoring stages. The book shows that Euro-Western development practitioners excluded consideration of the religious dimension in formulating development policies towards Africa resulted in failure of their development strategies. Furthermore, the book emphasized that once indigenous African religion is rehabilitated as an important concept and variable in the understanding and implementation of social change and progress, development strategies will be assured to be successful. Therefore, the incorporation of religion(s) of the indigenous peoples should be given the desired attention. Moreover, to buttress the importance of religion(s) of the indigenous peoples of Africa, the book presents African Shona Religion’s voice in this discourse by using the indigenous Shona peoples, who live in Harare Province, in Seke Communal Area of Zimbabwe, as a case study for the sake of accuracy and critical analysis on the topic. Hence, despite its suffering from stereotyping, Shona religion continues to play a critical role in the life of the Zimbabweans.

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Multiplying in the Spirit: African Initiated Churches in Zimbabwe / ed. by Ezra Chitando, Masiiwa Ragies Gunda & Joachim Kügler

Bamberg: Univ. of Bamberg Press, 2014
(Bible in Africa Studies ; 15) (Exploring Religion in Africa ; 1)

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This volume was motivated by the realisation that AICs continue to be a significant player on Zimbabwe’s spiritual market. Members of predominantly Apostolic, but also Zionist, churches are highly visible in both rural and urban areas. Prophets from AICs are constantly in the news, alongside advertising their competence in urban areas. Thus it is high time to bring AICs being an important part of recent social reality in Zimbabwe back into academic focus. BiAS 15 at the same time is ERA 1 which means that this volume opens a new sub-series to BiAS which is meant to explore religion in Africa in all its manifold manifestation, be it Christian or not.

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