Persönlichkeit und soziale Emotionen


Dr. Katrin Rentzsch leitet ein Symposium auf der Tagung der European Conference on Personality in Zadar

Over the past years, researchers from different psychological disciplines such as personality, social, and clinical psychology have shown an increased interest in studying personality and social emotions. The aim of the symposium is to present contemporary research on personality and social emotions from different psychological disciplines, and to integrate that research into a common theoretical framework. Chung and colleagues present data from three short-term intensive longitudinal studies examining the emotional experience of dispositionally contemptuous individuals. Using experience sampling, Scheel emphasizes the role of individual differences in dispositional shame for social functioning in patients with mental health problems. In a dyadic interaction study, Lösch and Rentzsch investigate the dynamic interplay between personality traits of both interaction partners and envy. Employing a large three-study design, Lange and colleagues elucidate the distinctive relationship between benign and malicious envy and dark personality traits. The current findings will be discussed and integrated by Konstantinos Kafetsios.

Rentzsch, K. (2018). Personality and social emotions. Symposium at the 19th European Conference on Personality (ECP), Zadar, Croatia.