Optimismus: Enzyklopädiebeitrag erschienen

Von Astrid Schütz, Selda Koydemir und Marina Schall erscheint ein Beitrag zu Optimismus in der neuen Enzyklopädie der Persönlichkeitspsychologie:

Optimism, which refers to people’s tendency to hold generalized favorable expectancies for their future
has been a popular topic in psychology in the last couple of decades. Especially after the launch of positive psychology, there has been a rapid increase in the number of studies on optimism. However, many issues such as its measurement still remain controversial. The chapter reviews the construct of optimism as a disposition, its theoretical underpinnings, its measurement issues, and its benefits. It also outlines interventions to support optimistic thinking, different forms of optimistic thinking as well as the potential drawbacks of optimism.

Schütz, A., Schall, M., & Koydemir, S. (2018). Optimism. In Encyclopedia of Personality and Individual Differences, (Eds.) Virgil Zeigler-Hill & Todd Shackelford. Springer.