Neue Publikation von Gal Slonim

A new article by Gal Slonim and colleagues was published in a peer-reviewed journal. The article is entitled "How Does Sexual Orientation Affect Perceptions of Single People?". Past research has found that single people are perceived more negatively than coupled people. However, in past research, the target's sexual orientation was not explicitly mentioned. Slonim's experiment manipulated the sexual orientation of targets and also measured the sexual orientation of participants to test whether the relatively negative perceptions of single people are held about people and believed by people regardless of their sexual orientation. 390 heterosexual and 226 gay and lesbian participants from Israel and the United States read descriptions of target people. Targets were described as heterosexual, gay, or lesbian; single or in a long-term relationship; and men or women. Although single people were consistently perceived more negatively than coupled people, participants perceived the differences between coupled and single targets as being largest when they rated targets of the same sexual orientation as themselves.

Morris, W. L., Slonim, G., & Osburn, B. K. (2016). How does sexual orientation affect perceptions of single people? Psi Chi Journal of Psychological Research, 21(3), 183-192.