Neid und psychische Gesundheit: Vortrag von Dr. Rentzsch in Boston

Dr. Katrin Rentzsch wird Ende Mai auf der Tagung der Association for Psychological Science in Boston einen Vortrag halten:

Rentzsch, K. (2017). Envy: A factor for mental health problems? In C. Scheel (Chair), Self-Reflexive Emotions As Transdiagnostic Factors for Mental Health Problems. Symposium at the 29th APS Annual Convention, Boston, USA (upcoming).

Zusammenfassung: Envy is an intense, unpleasant feeling that arises when a person realizes that someone else has something that the person longs for, strives for, or desires. Envy is a self-reflexive emotion, as it arises from a negative upward comparison of the self and another person. Only little research has investigated envy as a factor for mental health problems before.  In two studies (N total = 3500), the relationship between the emotion of envy and mental health outcomes was examined. Envy was assessed using the Domain-Specific Envy Scale (DSES), a multidimensional instrument measuring dispositional envy. Bifactor-model analyses revealed that envy was related to mental health problems such as anxiety and depressivity and global severity of psychopathological symptoms. Results are discussed with respect to potential mediating factors and moderators that can help to advance understanding of the underlying mechanisms of the self-reflexive phenomenon of envy and its mental health outcomes.