What do Fakers Actually do to Fake the IAT? An Investigation of Faking Strategies Under Different Faking Conditions. Journal of Research in Personality, Jessica Röhner, Michela Schröder-Abé, Astrid Schütz


* We investigated which faking strategies participants use when faking the IAT.
* Naive participants used slowing down, accelerating, and committing errors.
* When participants were informed about strategies, they specifically used slowing down.
* Strategies depended on faking goals (faking high vs. low) and pre-existing knowledge.
* Faking indices (Agosta, Ghirardi, Zogmaister, Castiello, & Sartori, 2011; Cvencek, Greenwald, Brown, Gray, & Snowden, 2010) failed in some conditions.

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