Das Betreuerteam 2011/2012

Das Tutorenteam um die Faculty Advisoren Thomas Dörfler, M.A. und Jeannine Rapp - erfahren Sie, was die Tutoren selbst bei NMUN gelernt haben und warum sie Tutoren werden wollten.

Faculty Advisor Thomas Dörfler, M.A.

Profile Thomas Dörfler, M.A.

Position at the University: Lecturer

Functions as Faculty Advisor: Thomas is Faculty Advisor and teaches the NMUN-Seminar "How the UN works".

History with NMUN: Thomas is former participant of several MUNs and has organized the project in the past. He was delegate for the University of Bamberg at NMUN 2007 representing Zambia in the African Development Bank (AfDB). In 2008 he organized the project as Faculty Advisor and supported the delegations work in New York. For their achievements the delegation was awarded with an "Outstanding Position Papers" Award. Since 2011 he supports the project as Faculty Advisor in his position as Lecturer at the Chair for International Relations.

Faculty Advisor Jeannine Rapp

Profile Jeannine Rapp

Studies: Political Science, Master (3rd Semester)

Functions as Faculty Advisor: I'm responsible for the organization of the project NMUN, the tutorial and to advise the delegation (Mentor for Head Delegate and Finance)

What did I learn from participating in NMUN 2011? I learned how to organize, to work closely as a diverse group, how the UN works and what the work of a diplomat might really be. NMUN was one of my greatest experience, because I could enhance my knowledge but also grow as a person.

Why did you become faculty advisor? I became the Faculty Advisor, because I really fell in love with NMUN Bamberg. I enjoyed being a delegate and now I want to share my knowlegde and experiences with the upcoming delegation. I could not imagine that the project would be over after New York  -  the challenges, experience and the fun .. That's why I wanted to be a part of NMUN 2012.

Sara-Lisa Elholm

Profile Sara-Lisa Elholm

Studies: Political Science

Functions as tutor: I am the mentor of the public relations team and I organise  BAMUN.

Why did I learn from NMUN 2011?  I learned the importance of intercultural interaction.

Why did I become a tutor for NMUN 2012?  I became a tutor because I want to pass on my passion for NMUN and my knowledge about it.

Philip Lehmann

Profile Philip Lehmann

Studies: Business Administration, Bachelor (5th Semester)

Functions as tutor: I am the advisor for the sponsorship team.

Why did I learn from NMUN 2011? I learned that the following statement is true: "Life is a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get.

Why did I become a tutor for NMUN 2012? I want to get to know the project from a different perspective and see the new delegation on the growing challenges ahead.

Theresa Reis

Profile Theresa Reis

Studies: Political Science and Philosophy

Functions as Tutor: Besides the general function as a tutor, I support the Homepage team and organize BaMUN.

What did I learn from NMUN 2011?: I not only learned a lot about the UN, international politics and diplomacy but I also learned a few things about myself - being tolerant and open-minded will always be rewarded. And: Teamwork is everything!

Why did I become a Tutor for NMUN 2012?: For me being a tutor means sharing my knowledge and helping the new delegation on their way to the conference in New York. Also it's amazing to see a whole new team growing together and facing the same upcoming tasks we faced last year - in their own way. 

Katharina Zippe

Profile Katharina Zippe

Studies: Political Science, (8th Semester) and Business Administration (3rd Semester)
Functions as Tutor: I am advising  and helping the Final Report Team.
What did I learn from participating in NMUN 2011? To behave like a delegate, to organize and challenge myself, to work closely together within a group
Why did I become a tutor? I am happy to get to know you all and also to learn more about a different country.