Das Betreuer*innenteam 2023/2024

Auf dieser Seite stellen sich unser Faculty Advisor, unsere Head Delegate und Tutor*innen vor. Sie haben in den vergangenen Jahren selbst bei NMUN mitgemacht und geben ihre Erfahrungen nun an die neue Delegation weiter. Mit viel Enthusiasmus bereiten sie uns wöchentlich auf unsere große Herausforderung vor: Die National Model United Nations (NMUN) Konferenz. 

Faculty Advisor

Philip Lehmann

Function as a tutor: Advising this year´s tutor team and delegation for the challenges ahead.

Motivation:NMUN offers a unique opportunity for collaboration in a diverse, interdisciplinary setting, fostering teamwork and cultural understanding during university studies. Working together toward a shared goal, regardless of individual backgrounds, is crucial for creating a positive global impact. The dedication and energy students invest in NMUN projects annually inspire me. Guiding and empowering them to be more effective global citizens, and observing their growth during the NMUN conference, further fuels my motivation.

Head Delegate

Halyna Tsymbalista

Studies: M.A. English and American Studies

Function as a tutor: Head Delegate

Motivation: Among student groups, NMUN is a unique project that goes beyond just focusing on the UN. This initiative not only centers on international politics but also provides students with a platform for personal development and community engagement. It is about enjoying student life, making friends, and experiencing new cultures together. So, as the head delegate, I am eager to dedicate my time, contributing to the continual growth of NMUN Bamberg

Tutoren und Tutorinnen

Josephine Ehmke

Studies: B.Sc. Psychology 

Function as a tutor: Chair at BaMUN Conference, planning and conducting various tutorials, e.g. Speech Writing

Motivation: In my year as a delegate, I aimed to learn more about international politics and diplomacy, broadening my horizons, challenging myself in public speaking and rhetoric, and meeting and exchanging ideas with new people. Having achieved all that and more, I now hope to support this year’s delegation in doing the same – and have some good fun while I’m at it!

Johanna Vogler

Studies: B.Sc. Political Science and Sociology 

Function as a tutor: Organizing and conducting BaMUN, Support with the organization of the tutorial

Motivation: Last year, I had the chance to be a delegate for the University of Bamberg. I had so much fun, learned a lot about politics, but also about myself, and made real friends. That's why I want the NMUN project to continue being a success, and I am supporting it as a tutor. I am happy to see the delegates making their own experiences and having the greatest time.

Yannick Gebauer

Studies: B.A. Political Science 

Function as a tutor: Chair at BaMUN, Support with the organization of the tutorial, tutor for the finance delegate

Motivation: The NMUN project is a great opportunity for me to learn how to handle large groups. Instead of representing a country, I have the opportunity to prepare the delegates for the entire NMUN project to have a great experience, as I did last year. Because of my experiences last year, I want to keep the NMUN project in Bamberg alive and hope to move the project forward.

Tamara Büttner

Studies: B.Sc. European Economic Studies

Function as a tutor: Tutor for the PR Team, especially the website

Motivation: I decided to become a tutor for the second time because my previous experience allowed me to discover a different aspect of the project. This opportunity not only gives me the chance to exchange ideas and viewpoints with students from diverse backgrounds but also pushes me to overcome the challenges of working in a team and to inspire and motivate the new group of participants.

Daniel Lauer

Studies: B.A. Political Science 

Function as a tutor: Organizing social activities and Team Building, Support for the delegation at the conference in New York

Motivation: After being a delegate at the National Model United Nations for one year, I wanted to give something back to this great project and help make it a success for another year. Meetings with incredibly interesting people and forming new close friendships were just two aspects of many reasons why it is worth keeping the project running. Experiencing everything from the tutor’s perspective is a whole new invaluable experience. 


Philipp Pédros

Studies: B.A. Political Science 

Function as a tutor: Supporting delegates with the preparatory work in the tutorial

Motivation: I am really grateful for the opportunity to get to know the world of diplomacy by taking on the role of a diplomat myself and for the interesting people that we met during the project, who gave us really interesting insights into the usually closed world of diplomacy. Therefore, I want to support this year’s delegates so that they can have such a nice NMUN experience as I had.

Teresa Kressel

Studies: B.A. Political Science 

Function as a tutor: Organizing and conducting tutorial work and BaMUN conference

Motivation: Being a tutor means sharing and fostering a passion for global issues in others, thereby contributing to solving challenges that affect our planet today. Influenced by my own experiences as part of the delegation in 2022/23, I would love to make a meaningful contribution to ensuring that this project becomes a once-in-a-lifetime experience for this generation of delegates, just as it has been for us.



Anja Lippstreu

Position: Department for International and European Politics

Function: Lecturer of the NMUN Seminar

Motivation: I was part of the NMUN delegation in 2018/19 myself and this experience was a huge asset for my studies of the UN and the development of norms within it. Now, I am happy to be in a position where I can share this knowledge with the current delegation and to be part of the NMUN project once again. I believe that we have to understand the system of the United Nations in order to contribute to its improvement.