Prof. Dr. Ute Schmid

Head of Cognitive Systems Group

Lehrstuhl für Kognitive Systeme

Office: WE5/05.043
Office hours: by appointment

Phone: +49-951-863 2860
Email: ute.schmid(at)

Ute Schmid is head of the chair for cognitive systems at University of Bamberg. She holds a diploma in psychology and a diploma in computer science, both from Technical University Berlin (TUB), Germany. She received her doctoral degree (Dr. rer.nat.) in computer science from TUB in 1994 and her habilitation in computer science in 2002. From 1994 to 2001 she was assistant professor (wissenschaftliche Assistentin) at the Methods of AI/Machine Learning group, Department of Computer Science, TUB. Afterwards she worked as lecturer (akademische Rätin) for Intelligent Systems at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at University Osnabrück and was member of the Cognitive Science Institute. In 2004 she became professor of Applied Computer Science/Cognitive Systems at the University of Bamberg. In 2022 Ute Schmid was elected as EurAI fellow and in 2023 as GI fellow. She is a fortiss research fellow and member of the Steering Committee of the IBM fortiss Center for AI. Since 2020 she is member of the board of directors of the Bavarian Research Institute of Digital Transformation (bidt). Ute Schmid is also a member of the Bavarian AI Council (Bayerischer KI-Rat). Furthermore, since 2020 Ute Schmid is head of the Fraunhofer IIS project group Comprehensible AI (CAI). Ute Schmid dedicates a significant amount of her time to measures supporting women in computer science and to promote computer science as a topic in elementary, primary, and secondary education. She won the Minerva Gender Equality Award of Informatics Europe 2018 for her university. Since many years, Ute Schmid is engaged in educating the public about artificial intelligence in general and machine learning and she gives workshops for teachers as well as high-school students about AI and machine learning (see Talks). For her outreach activities she has been awarded with the Rainer-Markgraf-Preis 2020.

Research interests of Ute Schmid are mainly in the domain of comprehensible machine learning, explainable AI, and high-level learning on relational data, especially inductive programming. Research topics are generation of visual, verbal and example-based explanations, cognitive tutor systems, cooperative and interactive learning, knowledge level learning from planning, learning structural prototypes, analogical problem solving and learning. Further research is on various applications of machine learning (e.g., classifier learning from medical data and for facial expressions) and empirical and experimental work on high-level cognitive processes. Ute Schmid is a pioneer of Computer Science for Primary School (FELI) and is engaged in the domain of AI education.



Selected Activities

Machine Learning Journal, Special Issue on Learning and Reasoning

Görz, Braun, Schmid, 2021, Handbuch für Künstliche Intelligenz, 6. Auflage

Explainable AI in Medicine

Ute Schmid has teaching experience in artificial intelligence, algorithms and programming languages, human-computer interaction, cognitive science, and cognitive psychology. Since 2004 she holds lectures in artificial intelligence, machine learning and cognitive modeling. She offers a special course "Kognitive Informatik" for students of psychology, as well as a seminar on gender aspects in computer science. In seminar courses and projects she covers topics of inductive programming, human-level learning, and explainable AI.

Selected Talks - Ute Schmid

You find a mix of invited talks at scienctific conferences, outreach talks about AI and Machine Learning as well as about AI and School. For talks about Computer Science for Primary School check the FELI website. Talks about AI and Education can be found at the KI und Schule website. For talks about Women@CS check the website of the women's representative.

If you are interested in slides for specific talks, please contact me by e-mail.