BERG - Working Paper Series

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195) Leonhard Ipsen and Jan Schulz, The (Dis-)Equalizing Effects of Production Networks, 978-3-949224-16-4 [pdf(792.8 KB)]

194) Jan Schulz, Caleb Agoha, Anna Gebhard, Bettina Gregg and Daniel M. Mayerhoffer, Excessive White Male Privilege Biases the Measurement of Intersectional Wage Discrimination, 978-3-949224-15-7 [pdf(1.2 MB)]

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190) Roberto Rozzi and Stefanie Y. Schmitt, Vertical product differentiation, prominence, and costly search, 978-3-949224-11-9 [pdf(753.7 KB)]


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188) Leonhard Ipsen, Armin Aminian and Jan Schulz, Stress-testing Inflation Exposure: Systemically Significant Prices and Asymmetric Shock Propagation in the EU28, 978-3-949224-09-6 [pdf(2.7 MB)]

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186) Daniel M. Mayerhoffer and Jan Schulz, Social Segregation, Misperceptions,
and Emergent Cyclical Choice Patterns, 978-3-949224-07-2 [pdf(1.1 MB)]

185)  Fabio E.G. Röhrer, Christian Proaño and Lebogang Mateane, The Impact of Macroeconomic Activity and Yield Valuation on Mergers and Acquisitions in Europe, 978-3-949224-06-5 [pdf(331.6 KB)]


184)  Stefanie Y. Schmitt, Competition with limited attention to quality differences, 978-3-949224-05-8 [pdf(710.4 KB)]

183)  Stefan Dürmeier, A Model of Quantitative Easing at the Zero Lower Bound, 978-3-949224-04-1 [pdf(1.4 MB)]

182)  Roberto Dieci, Sarah Mignot, Noemi Schmitt and Frank Westerhoff, Production delays, supply distortions and endogenous price dynamics, 978-3-949224-03-4 [pdf(1.0 MB)]

181)  Alexander Hempfing and Philipp Mundt, Tie formation in global production chains, 978-3-949224-02-7 [pdf(1.1 MB)]

180)  Thomas Daske and Christoph March, Efficient Incentives with Social Preferences, 978-3-949224-01-0 [pdf(526.5 KB)]

179)  Philipp Mundt and Ivan Savin, Drivers of productivity change in global value chains: reallocation vs. innovation, 978-3-949224-00-3 [pdf(479.1 KB)]

178)  Stefanie Y. Schmitt and Dominik Bruckner, Unaware consumers and disclosure of deficiencies, 978-3-943153-99-6 [(1.3 MB)pdf(834.7 KB, 40 pages)]

177) Roberto Dieci, Noemi Schmitt and Frank Westerhoff, Boom-bust cycles and asset market participation waves: momentum, value, risk and herding, 978-3-943153-98-9 [pdf(420.0 KB)]

176) Arne Lauber, Christoph March and Marco Sahm, Optimal and Fair Prizing in Sequential Round-Robin Tournaments: Experimental Evidence, 978-3-943153-97-2 [pdf](1.3 MB)

175) Marco Sahm, Optimal Accuracy of Unbiased Tullock Contests with Two Heterogeneous Players, 978-3-943153-96-5 [pdf(420.0 KB)]


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173) Jan Schulz and Daniel M. Mayerhoffer, A Network Approach to Consumption, 978-3-943153-94-1 [pdf(575.6 KB, 34 pages)]

172) María Daniela Araujo P. and Johanna Sophie Quis, Parents Can Tell! Evidence on Classroom Quality Differences in German Primary Schools, 978-3-943153-92-7 [pdf(1.2 MB, 60 pages)]

171) Zahra Kamal, Gender Separation and Academic Achievement in Higher Education; Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Iran, 978-3-943153-92-7 [pdf(2.3 MB, 36 pages)]

170) Philipp Mundt, Uwe Cantner, Hiroyasu Inoue, Ivan Savin and Simone Vannuccini, Market Selection in Global Value Chains, 978-3-943153-91-0 [pdf(934.7 KB, 28 pages)]

169) Sarah Mignot, Fabio Tramontana and Frank Westerhoff, Speculative asset price dynamics and wealth taxes, 978-3-943153-90-3 [pdf(704.4 KB, 40 pages)]

168) Joep Lustenhouwer, Tomasz Makarewicz, Juan Carlos Peña and Christian R. Proaño, Are Some People More Equal than Others? Experimental Evidence on Group Identity and Income Inequality, 978-3-943153-89-7 [pdf(942.1 KB)]


167) Nadja Bömmel and Guido Heineck, Revisiting the Causal Effect of Education on Political Participation and Interest, 978-3-943153-88-0 [pdf(571.7 KB)]

166) Jan Schulz and Mishael Milaković, How Wealthy Are the Rich?, 978-3-943153-87-3 [pdf(617.7 KB)]

165) María Daniela Araujo P., Guido Heineck and Yyannú Cruz-Aguayo, Does Test-Based Teacher Recruitment Work in the Developing World? Experimental Evidence from Ecuador, 978-3-943153-86-6 [pdf(808.9 KB, 53 pages)]

164) Andrea Gurgone and Giulia Iori, Macroprudential capital buffers in heterogeneous banking networks: Insights from an ABM with liquidity crises, 978-3-943153-85-9 [pdf(3.7 MB, 44 pages)]

163) Tim Hagenhoff and Joep Lustenhouwer, The role of stickiness, extrapolation and past consensus forecasts in macroeconomic expectations, 978-3-943153-84-2 [pdf(654.1 KB, 42 pages)]

162) Philipp Mundt, Simone Alfarano and Mishael Milakovic, Survival and the ergodicity of corporate profitability, 978-3-943153-83-5 [pdf(1.3 MB)]

161) Christian R. Proaño and Benjamin Lojak, Monetary Policy with a State-Dependent Inflation Target in a Behavioral Two-Country Monetary Union Model, 978-3-943153-82-8 [pdf(813.3 KB)]

160) Noemi Schmitt, Ivonne Schwartz and Frank Westerhoff, Heterogeneous speculators and stock market dynamics: a simple agent-based computational model, 978-3-943153-81-1 [pdf(574.2 KB)]

159) Stefanie Y. Schmitt and Markus G. Schlatterer, Poverty and Limited Attention, 978-3-943153-80-4 [pdf(447.9 KB)]

158) Naira Kotb and Christian R. Proaño, Capital-Constrained Loan Creation, Stock Markets and Monetary Policy in a Behavioral New Keynesian Model, 978-3-943153-79-8 [pdf(567.6 KB)]

157) Christian R. Proaño, Juan Carlos Peña and Thomas Saalfeld, Inequality, Macroeconomic Performance and Political Polarization: A Panel Analysis of 20 Advanced Democracies, 978-3-943153-78-1 [pdf(648.9 KB)]

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154) Christoph March, The Behavioral Economics of Artificial Intelligence: Lessons from Experiments with Computer Players, 978-3-943153-75-0 [pdf(408.7 KB, 44 pages)]

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141) Tomasz Makarewicz, Traders, forecasters and financial instability: A model of individual learning of anchor-and-adjustment heuristics, 978-3-943153-62-0 [pdf(624.6 KB, 56 pages)]


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schooling and labor in a West African country, 978-3-943153-19-4. [pdf(810.1 KB)]

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