Your interdisciplinary economics programme with an integrated year abroad

Since 2001, the consecutive degree programme in European Economic Studies (EES) has been at the core of the University of Bamberg's economics programmes.

The educational focus of the programme is on economics, which deals with the characterisation and explanation of both microeconomic and macroeconomic phenomena. The EES degree programme places great emphasis on internationality, explicitly a strong European focus, and on interdisciplinarity.

Due to language instruction in two foreign business languages, an integrated year abroad, and the inclusion of the broad range of business and social science courses offered by the various faculties, students develop not only a high level of professional competence, but also their individual academic profile.

Programme Profile

The degree programme at a glance

Final Examination

Bachelor’s Examination (accompanying the programme)


Bachelor of Scinece (B. Sc.)

ECTS Points


Standard Programme Duration

6 Semesters

Programme Start

Possible in the winter semester

Type of Studies

Full-time and part-time studies possible

Admission and Enrolment

No limited admissions, Online enrolment

Languages of Instruction

German, English

Language Training

2 foreign business languages

Studies Abroad

2 Semesters

Accreditation and system accreditation

The system accreditation of the University of Bamberg was successfully completed in June 2019 when the ACQUIN Accreditation Commission determined that all requirements had been met. Since then, the University of Bamberg has been responsible for quality assurance of its degree programmes.

The bachelor’s degree programme was last accredited in 2021. For students, this means that the programme, its structures and its curriculum meet the Accreditation Council's required quality criteria.

European Economic Studies as a Minor?

You’re studying a major that you’d like to combine with a minor in economics? You can complete a minor in EES in the following variations:

  • Minor with 30 ECTS points
  • Minor with 45 ECTS points

Information on the EES minor