Excellent support ratio

The Institute of Economics offers you a whole range of advantages for a quick and successful study.

Intensive personal supervision of the students by the professors and their assistants is always guaranteed. Already during the studies, involvement in scientific research work is possible - be it as a student assistant or via the preparation of seminar papers or theses, which can be connected to the research foci of the chairs.

Repeatedly, surveys have also confirmed the very good support provided to students by the EES faculty advisor.

Individual alignment

The study and subject examination regulations for the EES degree program allow for a largely individual and interdisciplinary design of the study content to suit one's own interests and later career aspirations since interdisciplinary modules can also be selected in the elective area. Especially the teaching program during a possible study semester abroad can be planned individually and relatively freely by the students. Of course, it is also possible to focus purely on economics!

"The Master in European Economic Studies (EES) can shine with its many specializations, especially the behavioral economics specialization is very interesting to me! Furthermore, there is the possibility to spend a semester abroad, to choose one of the five foreign languages of economics and to fill the interdisciplinary area with the broad offer of the University of Bamberg." (Patrick Lippert)


The core subject of the program is economics, which deals with the description and explanation of individual and macroeconomic phenomena. Interdisciplinarity is emphasized within the European Economic Studies program: Through language instruction in various foreign economic languages as well as the inclusion of the broad range of economic and social science courses offered by the University of Bamberg, students can not only acquire a high level of professional competence but also develop their individual academic profile in other disciplines.

International networking

As part of an optional semester abroad, you will gain intercultural experience and can draw on the international network of the University of Bamberg. Numerous cooperations and partnerships with over 300 universities in more than 60 countries offer excellent opportunities for enriching stays abroad.

You can find more information on the study abroad pages. In addition, the EES Student Advisory Service will be happy to help you.

You can find out more about studying abroad, especially about the application process, at the International Office.

The support association EES

The Förderverein European Economic Studies (EES) e.V. is a non-profit association run by students and alumni through voluntary work and supported by the VWL chairs.

The constant communication between students, alumni, institutions and companies via the association network is intended to stimulate interaction and facilitate future cooperation. Current students are specifically supported through workshops, lectures and placement in internships.


The World Heritage is our Campus

Thanks to its historic city center, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bamberg is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. With its approximately 77,000 inhabitants and about 13,000 students, Bamberg offers an ideal setting for successful studies with flair.

The charming location on the edge of Franconian Switzerland also opens up a variety of opportunities for sports and leisure activities as a balance to the intensive scientific work during studies.

Not to be neglected are also the general advantages of a smaller city - such as the relatively low cost of living.

Not least because of the above-mentioned advantages, the University of Bamberg is also very popular with foreign students. In 2013, it was even voted the second most popular university in Germany among international students.

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