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Dr. Felix Stübben
Room F21/02.40
Feldkirchenstr. 21
96052 Bamberg
Phone: +49 (0)951 863-2687
Email: felix.stuebben[at]

European Economic Studies (EES)

The globalization of markets and economies requires an understanding of international economic structures, global interrelationships and language skills. In the winter semester 2000/01, "European Economic Studies (EES)" was introduced as the first consecutive Bachelor's/Master's degree program in economics in Bavaria (and one of the first in Germany) as a 3+2 model (3-year Bachelor's + 2-year Master's), which addresses precisely these requirements.

In addition to the 180 ECTS Bachelor EES, the Bachelor's program also offers a 2nd major in EES with 75 ECTS as well as a minor and major minor in EES (30 and 45 ECTS, respectively).

The Master EES has been offered as an all-English program since the winter semester 2023/24.

In the EES courses, macroeconomic structures such as economic and industrial policy, globalization and financial markets, economics of education and labor markets, etc. are considered. In addition to a variety of elective options, practical relevance and international orientation, the program places particular emphasis on interdisciplinarity with regard to neighboring social science and economics content.

Computational Economics and Politics (CEP)

Whether populism, migration flows, Brexit or Covid 19 - many phenomena of modern societies are complex and multi-layered. In order to adequately understand and explain these phenomena, the joint consideration of different scientific perspectives is essential.

The bachelor's program Computational Economics and Politics (CEP) takes this fact into account: It combines content from economics and political science, sheds light on current issues at their interfaces, and provides graduates with important knowledge of modern computer-based analysis methods. In the CEP program, you will learn to look at issues from different scientific perspectives, to apply and combine them. CEP will provide you with a unique combination of skills that will enable you to answer complex societal questions in a well-founded way, thus optimally preparing you for a career in science or on the job market.