Crediting of study achievements from a previous course of study

It is also possible to transfer to the Master's program EES if you have definitively failed a subject that is mandatory to complete in the Master's program EES (e.g. Advanced Microeconomics) in the original program.

In principle, there is no obligation to recognize examinations that have already been taken. You choose yourself which achievements you want to have recognized. Already completed achievements, which you do not have recognized, can be completed again in the first attempt in the Master's program EES. If applicable, this also applies to modules that have been definitively failed and to modules with registered failed attempts from your previous studies.

  • Credit for examinations must be awarded promptly upon enrollment in the EES degree program.
  • Bachelor modules can generally not be credited for Master modules!
  • For students changing programs
    • within the University of Bamberg, it is not necessary to contact the individual subject representatives to obtain recognition confirmations. After all, they are the same courses (e.g. "Advanced Microeconomics" or "Fundamentals of Econometrics").
    • Students changing programs from outside the University of Bamberg have to ask the respective departmental representatives to confirm the recognition of externally completed courses. The module handbook EES will help you in this regard.
  • To receive credit, please use the credit form provided by the Examination Committee and submit it to Dr. Felix Stübben together with a performance overview of your previous studies.

For each 30 ECTS points of credited examination achievements, you will be upgraded by the Bamberg Student Office by one semester.

Crediting of services rendered outside the university

You can also have externally completed achievements credited to your EES studies, such as those offered by the Virtual University of Bavaria (vhb). These must be part of your regular studies. The following steps are necessary for this:

  • First of all, contact the subject representatives responsible for the content at the University of Bamberg and please clarify whether a course taken externally can be recognized as a course offered by them.
    Attention: A credit possibility only exists for courses that are listed within the scope of your elective options in the Master's program EES. These elective options can be found in the program's module handbook. Accordingly, bachelor modules are not creditable!
  • If credit is possible, you can take the course and assume that it will be recognized for your Bamberg studies after a successful examination.

The crediting is done via a crediting form provided by the examination board. This form must be submitted to Dr. Felix Stübben together with the confirmation of recognition from the subject representative. The entry in FlexNow by the examination office of the University of Bamberg will then be arranged automatically.