Fields of Activity

Marketing Research und Marketing Concepts

  • Marketing Intelligence
  • Conceptual and methodical questions of marketing research
  • (Field) trade-related distribution concepts, vertical marketing
  • Market surveys (incl. questionnaire design and result evaluation)
  • Development of market-oriented and consumer-oriented marketing concepts, innovation marketing

Customer Satisfaction and Costumer Behaviour

  • Consumcer satisfaction and complaint behaviour
  • Quality policy for material goods and services
  • Satisfaction and complaints management
  • Older consumers (senior citizen's market)

City- und Regional Marketing

  • Image analyses concerning local authorities and regions as industrial locations
  • Location Marketing
  • City and retail development

Green Marketing and Marketing Ethics

  • Environmental awareness and environmental behavior of consumers
  • Concepts for green products, packaging, services, public relations
  • Enterprise responsibility for environment and society

System Marketing

  • Marketing research / marketing complex (system) technologies
  • Software marketing