Bachelor Seminar (WS 2013/2014)

General Information

Topic: Analogical Reasoning, Problem Solving, and Learning

Analogy research offers a wide variety of topics from different disciplines such as psychology, eduction, linguistics, human-computer-interaction, and artificial intelligence and is researched with a wide range of methods such as psychological experimentation, formal models, algorithm design. Results of analogy research can be applied in areas such as the design of teaching material in formal domain such as math or programming, product marketing, program reuse, or interaction design.

Recommended Reading / Links


D. Gentner, K.J. Holyoak, and B.K. Kokinov (2001). The Analogical Mind. Perspectives from Cognitive Science. MIT Press.

Proceedings of ANALOGY 09, Sofia, Bulgaria, July 24-27, 2009

For each student, a chapter of the book or the proceedings constitutes his/her basic reading material. Specific further reading (typically one research paper) will be selected after consultation.


Further material

LaTeX-Slides from Klaus Stein [pdf]

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