Master Seminar Kognitive Systeme (WS 2013/2014)

Topic: Heuristic Planning

Modern automated planners are usually based on on heuristic search. Based on knowledge gained in the lecture "Intelligente Agenten" we will investigate the heuristics part of automated planning. The seminar will focus on informed search algorithms and heuristics for automated planning. Furthermore we will learn about adaptive heuristic (search), the International Planning Competition, and modern planning systems.

Suggested Presentation Topics

  • Landmark heuristics
  • Adaptive Heuristic Search
  • Fast Downward

General Information

  • You find a general course description at the corresponding pages from the WIAI module guide.
  • You find administrative information at UnivIS.
  • Participants should sign up for the course in the virtual campus.
  • This course is open for master, advanced bachelor and phd students.
  • Basic knowledge of automated planning as taught in our Intelligente Agenten course will be helpful.
  • Presentations and theses may be given/written in German or English.

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