Studies at the Faculty of Human Sciences and Education

Students at the Faculty of Human Sciences benefit from the unique variety of faculty curricula.

The subjects offered range from general Psychology to Sport Didactics – whereby the degree programmes in both the psychological and educational-didactic realms all complement each other in a mosaic-like structure. 

Practice and career-oriented courses guarantee excellent instruction in each of the subject fields offered by the faculty, whose exceptional academic profile includes the promotion of the musical arts.

Faculty Academics

  • Education
  • Educational Research
  • Psychology
  • Teaching Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Teaching Natural Sciences
  • Music Education and Teaching
  • Art Education
  • Sport Didactics
  • Master Programme Educational Quality in Developing Countries
  • Master Programme Educational Management and School Leadership
  • Master Programm International Mathematics and Science Education
  • Vocational Education/Social Pedagogy and Social Services