Research at the Institute for Educational Science

The Institute for Educational Science at the University of Bamberg currently comprises 11 professors and more than 60 associated researchers from various central fields within educational science. Our research has a strong interdisciplinary focus.

In terms of content, research at the Institute of Educational Science covers practically the entire lifespan. With regard to early childhood, for example, the role of family and gender in picture books are analyzed, as are measures to improve the quality within early childhood and care settings or childhood in foster families. Our research on learning and teaching in schools and classrooms is of great importance, for example, with projects on promoting the professional competencies of student teachers with the support of video vignettes, but also the consideration of topics such as global learning as well as education within a world society. Finally, research at the Institute of Educational Science also includes individuals in young and later adulthood, for example by analyzing self-regulated learning in higher education or informal learning processes in specific transitional situations in adulthood.

This is just a selection of some of our research topics. If you are interested to get more information on our research and specific research projects, please visit the websites of the individual chairs and professorships within our institute.