Prof. Dr. phil. Hans-Guenther Rossbach


Street Address:  Luisenstraße 5, Raum LS 02.04

Office hour: by arrangement

Telephone: 0951/863-1820



Research Interests

  • Quality and quality measures in institutions of early child care
  • Development of curricula for preschools
  • Transition from preschool to primary school
  • Longitudinal effects of quality of stimulation in family, preschool, and elementary school on early childhood competence development
  • International comparative studies
  • Quality of instruction in elementary schools

Curriculum Vitae

  • Born in 1951
  • Studies in Education, Psychology and Sociology at the Universities of Bonn, Cologne and Muenster
  • Diploma in Education (special topic Early Childhood Education) 1977 at the University of Muenster
  • Doctoral thesis in January (main subject: Education, minor subjects: Psychology, and Sociology) at the University of Muenster, 1981
  • Habilitation in Education (Empirical Educational Research) at the University of Muenster, 1993
  • Professor for Didactics and Research on Teaching, University of Lueneburg, 1995-2002
  • 2002-2017 Chair for Early Childhood Education at the University of Bamberg
  • 2012-2013 Managing Project Director of the National Educational Panel Study
  • 2014-2017 Director of the Leibniz-Institute for Educational Trajectories

Selected Publications

The complete list of publications is available at the UnivIS.

European Child Care and Education (ECCE) – Study Group: School-age assessment of child development: Long-term impact of pre -school experiences on school success, and family-school relationships. Report submitted to European Union DG XII: Science, Research and Development. RTD Action: Targeted Socio-Economic Research. 1999.Download(1.3 MB)