Research in Primary Education explores a wide range of pedagogical and didactic issues.

reserach areas

Our research falls into two primary research areas:

Research focus areas

Activities within these research areas are thematically and methodologically concerned with five main focus areas:

Research projects

Within the associated research projects, both quantitative and qualitative methods of empirical educational research are applied and combined.

In order to help you access our research projects thematically, we have categorised them according to our main research areas and specific focus areas.Direct access to all our research projects is available under the Research Projects heading.

Click on the image to visit our research projects.

Follow our

You can also find information on our group's research activities and products in our team members’ profiles. From there, you can also access our research on various portals (ResearchGate, GoogleScholar, FIS, ORCID). Additionally, you can follow our research on ResearchGate.

Please contact Prof. Miriam Hessor Christian Eltingwith any questions concerning our research profile or our research products.