Our offices are located:

Markusplatz 3, 96047 Bamberg

Please find the detailed map by following this link.


The Faculty of Psychology is located in the largest building at the Markusplatz. After entering  the main entrance take the stairs to the second floor or turn right and use the elevator to the second floor. Then turn left and walk down the hallway until you find the meeting room (Number 211) on the right side. To find Prof. Carbons office (Number 215) turn left and walk down the hallway. Left side you will find his room.


Arrival by train:

Taxi ride time to our offices is about 7 minutes from the train station. Using public transport is not recommended as the journey is complicated and time-consuming. Walking distance is about 30 minutes  (1,7 km).

Arrival by air at Airport Nürnberg

Continue the journey to Nürnberg train station using metro U2. Railway time tables to Bamberg you will find here: