Faculty History

Origins of the faculty

The origins of the faculty can be traced back to the founding, in 1958, of the Pädagogische Hochschule Bamberg (Bamberg School of Education). This institution was integrated into the Gesamthochschule Bamberg (Comprehensive University) under the heading "Educational Sciences" in 1972.

In 1979 it became the Faculty of Education, Philosophy and Psychology, and following the restructuring of the university in October of 2007, it has been known as the Faculty of Human Sciences.

The "Marcus-Haus"

The faculty facilities are located only a few minutes from the old town university at the Burgershof.

In 1988, the faculty moved into the newly renovated building that formerly housed the state gynaecological clinic – the so-called Marcus-Haus. Construction and renovation of an addition to the building was completed in 1992. Most of the faculty’s academic departments are now at home in the Marcus-Haus and adjacent buildings, while a few are located at the university’s Feldkirchenstraße campus and at the Erba-Insel campus.

The Marcus-Haus takes its name from Dr. Adalbert Friedrich Marcus, personal physician to the prince-bishop Franz-Ludwig von Erthal (prince-bishop from 1779 to 1795), director of Bamberg’s public medical service and founder of the state gynaecological clinic.