Women’s Representative:

Dr. Dornheim, Dorothea, ext. 1897

Info Fakultätsfrauenbeauftragte(947.9 KB)

Library Representative:

Prof. Dr. Carbon, Claus-Christian, ext. 1860

Authorized Signatory for BAföG:

Professional Education/Social Education (Bachelor/Master):  Hans-Joachim Batscheider

Educational Management and School Leadership (Master):  Dr. Martin Lunkenbein

Educational Research (Master):  Prof. Dr. Maximilian Pfost

Adult and Further Education (Master):  Dr. Stephanie Welser

Educational Science (Master):  Dr. Monika Rapold

Teacher Training - Primary School:  Dr. Bettina König

Teacher Training -Mittelschule:  Dr. Martin Lunkenbein

Education (Bachelor):  Dr. Monika Rapold

Psychology (Bachelor/Master):  Prof. Dr. Jascha Rüsseler

Psychology with a focus on School Psychology:Dr. Tim Tisdale

CIP-Pool- Representative:

Prof. Dr. Carstensen, Claus, ext. 3447

Room Coordination (responsibility of the office of the dean):

Prof. Dr. Wolstein, Jörg, ext. 1800 (Dean)

EU-Contact for the Huwi Faculty:

Prof. Dr. Lautenbacher, Stefan, ext. 1851

Foreign Studies Representative:

Prof. Dr. Carbon, Claus, ext. 1860

Faculty Conflict Resolution Commission Representative:

Prof. Dr. Hock, Michael, M3N/01.30, ext. 1892
Prof. Dr. Sauer, Daniela, LS5/02.03, ext. 3187
Dr. Fischer, Uwe, M3/02.20, ext. 3170