There are many good reasons for studying Psychology in Bamberg:


We emphasize the highest level of teaching quality. It has always been a tradition here to advise and support our students personally. Close contact between teaching personnel and students is essential. We have small group sizes in seminars, and we offer a broad range of subjects, from which students can also choose depending on individual interests and plans. We offer several English language and virtual seminars via the VHB (Virtuelle Hochschule Bayern / Virtual University of Bavaria).

Evaluations of the teaching quality take place regularly. There is the traditional semester evaluation at the end of each semester, the so-called „Bierfassabend“. The student representatives organize this joint plenum of students and professors in cooperation with the Institute of Psychology.

CHE Ranking

For over 20 years, the CHE ranking has provided prospective students with information and assistance choosing from the degrees offered. It is the most comprehensive and detailed ranking in the German-speaking area. It comprises a survey of more than 300 universities and technical colleges with over 150,000 students. In addition to facts about studies, teaching, and research, the ranking includes judgments by students about the study conditions at their university. The current survey compared the psychological master’s degree programmes in Germany. The Bamberg M.Sc. degree program in Psychology once again performed exceptionally well: When it came to assessing the general study situation, the range of courses, the organization of studies, and the supervision of the students, it was in the top group. The Bamberg M.Sc. degree programme in Psychology also scored well in the other categories (research orientation, stays abroad, the transition from bachelor's to master's degree): “We are delighted that not only our bachelor's but also our master's degree in psychology is so attractive for the students. Our approach taken for many years has proven itself—an approach of consistently assuring quality and balancing professional practice with research orientation," says the degree program representative, Prof. Dr. Jascha Rüsseler. "We want to continue on this path in the future, and we will also intensify our efforts to make the programme more international," Rüsseler continues. In this way, the University of Bamberg does and will offer an excellent range of courses in Psychology.

(December 2019)

Mentor system and tutorials

Each professor is a mentor to a group of about ten students whom they will personally accompany through the start of their studies.

Participation in a mentoring group is mandatory for all students. Please register for your mentoring course. Then we will assign you to one of the mentoring groups.

Advanced students offer various tutorials to make it easier for beginners to take their first steps at the university. There are several subject-related courses of this type, which you can find in the UniVis. For beginners, two tutors are additionally available as contact persons. You can send questions and requests to the tutors via info.psychologie(at)

Supervision of students in the first semester

One week before the regular lectures start, there are introductory courses for all new students. In these courses, you learn about basics such as timetable creation or seminar registration, and you receive helpful tips for a successful start to your studies. For the first semester, the B.Sc. Psychology programme provides an introductory lecture series in which the professors of our institute give an overview of the different areas of Psychology. Our degree programme representative, Prof. Rüsseler, further offers a soft skills tutorial for bachelor students. The tutorial covers topics such as “preparing presentations”, “working scientifically”, “semester abroad”, “use of the university library”, and “learning techniques”. For support, students in the first semester can turn to the professor leading their mentoring group or the student tutors (see above).

At the Bamberg Institute of Psychology, we further have the tradition that third-semester students prepare special events for the beginners, e.g., guided city tours, a pub-crawl, a whole weekend for the new students. This way, you can quickly contact with other students, you get to know the city, and get helpful tips from more advanced students.

The city of Bamberg

The choice of a study location most probably also depends on the city itself.

Here you can find further city information about Bamberg.