Treatment Approach

Our treatment approach is cognitive behavioral therapy and our sessions are conducted by Psychological Psychotherapists who have successfully completed their training. 

In cognitive behavioral psychotherapy the focus lies on the patient's current psychological complaints in a very structured and goal-oriented treatment setting. The transparency and the structured process, as well as the focus on problem-solving are key aspects of cognitive-behavioral therapy. Thus, treatment not only includes the exploration and understanding of your mental illness but further trying out and practicing new thought and behavioral patterns. Therapeutic interventions target symptoms of the diagnosed mental illness, as well as underlying issues and conflicts. Therapy creates opportunities to recognize unfavorable patterns, as well as opportunities to try out new thoughts and behaviors with the goal to integrate them into your daily life. Treatment consists of a variety of different methods that have been scientifically proven to be effective.

Third Wave Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy significantly evolved in the past decades. Methods of third wave cognitive behavioral therapy focus on mindfulness and acceptance (e.g. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), compassion (Compassion Focused Therapy), as well as the inclusion of biographical experiences (Schema Therapy). At our outpatient clinic we make use of these methods as well.