Kognitive Modellierung/Cognitive Modelling (WS 2019/2020)

General Information

  • For a general course description please read the corresponding pages from the WIAI module guide.
  • You find administrative information at UnivIS.
  • Participants should sign up for the course in the virtual campus.
  • It is strongly recommended that students have already a background in AI, especially Prolog.
  • Until winter holiday, the course is held as lecture plus practice, afterwards, student will work on a small cognitive modeling project in teams.

Recommended Reading / Links

Lecture Notes

  • Introduction: Cognitive Systems and Cognitive Models [pdf]
  • Cognitive Architectures [pdf]
  • Empirical Research Methods [pdf]
  • Semantic Memory and Knowledge Representation [pdf]
  • Implicit and Explicit Learning [pdf]
  • Language Processing
  • Analogical Reasoning [pdf]
  • Application 1: Cognitive Modeling for Cognitive Engineering
  • Application 2: Intelligent Learning Environments [pdf]

Practice Part

  • Empirical Research Methods (Tutorial Slides see VC-course)
  • Example Architectures Demo: ACT-R [pdf], Psi [pdf]
  • Analogy Models: [LISA], SME, AvA (details see VC-course)

Course Archive

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