Kognitive Modellierung/Cognitive Modelling (WS 2012/2013)

General Information

  • This course is offered as a cross-teaching module of the cognitive systems group and the general/cognitive psychology group. One part of this course is the psychology module Angewandte Kognitionspsychologie - Methoden der Kognitionspsychologie (Carbon et al., V/Ü; 2 SWS; Di, 12:00 - 14:00, M3N/02.32), the other part is offered by the cognitive systems group.  The psychology part consists of a lecture with integrated demonstrations. The cognitive systems part consists of about 7 lectures and a larger practice part where we realise an experiment for some selected cognitive phenomenon.
  • For a general course description please read the corresponding pages from the WIAI module guide.
  • You find administrative information at UnivIS.
  • Participants should sign up for the course in the virtual campus.

Recommended Reading / Links

Lecture Notes

  • Introduction [pdf]
  • Cognitive Architectures [pdf]
  • Semantic Memory and Knowledge Representation [pdf]
  • Implicit and Explicit Learning [pdf]
  • Language Processing
  • Application 1: Cognitive Modeling for Cognitive Engineering
  • Application 2: Intelligent Learning Environments

Practice Part

  • Empirical Research Methods [pdf]
  • Example Architectures Demo: ACT-R [pdf], Psi [pdf]

Practice Topic

  • Cue-Learning Models

Course Archive

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