Partner Universities

The University of Bamberg currently has cooperation agreements with approximately 350 academic institutions in more than 60 countries.

Student Exchange

Most partnerships entail an exchange component that enables students to study abroad at the corresponding university.

Bamberg students can find detailed information about both exchange and free-paying programs with our partner instutions in Europe and Overseas under "European programs" and "Overseas programs" respectively, as well as general information about studying abroad.

International Students from our partner institutions, who are interested in learning more about a stay in Bamberg, can find more information under Exchange Students (e.g. Erasmus).

Faculty Exchange

In some agreements with partner institutions, there is the option for faculty and staff exchanges. For more information, please contact the Welcome Center.

List of Partner Universities

The following contains a list of schools that have signed a cooperation agreement with the University of Bamberg. They are arranged in alphabetical order according to country, and the webpage from each partner school can be accessed by clicking on the name of the individual institutions.