After the Application

The information on this page is only for: applications for undergraduate courses (Bachelor’s, teacher training); DSH semester course; short-term non-degree study programme (Kurzzeitstudium ohne Abschlussmöglichkeit); Studienkolleg.

What are the Next Steps?

When your application has been received, your documents are checked by the International Office.

When Applying for Courses of Study with Admissions Restrictions (‘Numerus Clausus’)

When all documentation has been submitted and when both the academic and German language proficiency requirements are fulfilled, you will automatically receive precise information on the rest of the admission procedure.

Letters of admission and letters of rejection are issued after the application deadline only as the admissions procedure will not start before this date (the submission deadline for applications for the summer semester is 15 January; the deadline for the winter semester is 15 July). This means that you will be notified whether your application has been successful either at the end of January/beginning of February (for the summer semester) or the end of July/beginning of August (for the winter semester) at the earliest.

Please note: There might be different deadlines for the winter semester 2020/21. Please find updated information concerning the deadlines on our website at

When Applying for Non-Restricted Courses of Study, a DSH Semester Course or the Studienkolleg

When your documentation is complete and when you have fulfilled both the academic and German language proficiency requirements, your letter of admission will be sent to you directly.

Notifications of rejection are sent out by post on an ongoing basis during the application period.


Your letter of admission contains detailed information on when to enrol and on the documentation you need to present when enrolling at the university.


Lecture Periods

The calendar for the University of Bamberg lecture period is available here.

Semester Fees

Information on the semester fees is available here.


The cost of living in Bamberg varies (as it does elsewhere), depending on your lifestyle and your individual requirements. Roughly € 700 per month is usually adequate to cover all costs during your studies if you live a moderate lifestyle. You should not begin your studies if you do not have adequate funding to support yourself. Further information on scholarships and other funding opportunities is available in our Information from A to Z.

Important Information

Living in Bamberg

Unfortunately, the International Office cannot help you find accommodation. It is recommended to begin searching for accommodation as soon as possible.

Precise information on how to find accommodation is available in our information leaflet which you receive with your letter of admission (see informational downloads).

All students who have received a letter of admission are eligible to apply for accommodation in students’ halls of residence. If you wish to apply for this type of accommodation, please send your application for a room directly to the hall of residence of your choice, not to the International Office. Rent prices for rooms in the halls of residence vary. In addition, please note that you will be required to pay a deposit for a room in a hall of residence.
As the demand for accommodation is usually higher than the number of rooms in the halls of residence, your application does not guarantee that you will be allotted a room.

The commencement of your rental period is determined by the hall of residence and cannot be changed (in the winter semester it begins on 1 October; in the summer semester it begins on 1 April). This means that rent must be paid from this date onwards, even if you arrive in Bamberg after these dates.

Students who do not wish to live in students’ halls of residence (or those whose application to the halls of residence is unsuccessful) should search for other accommodation without delay. At the beginning of the semester in particular, the number of people searching for accommodation is high whereas the number of rooms available is limited.

Arrival: When Should I Come to Bamberg?

When planning your arrival, it is always wise to arrive in Bamberg a few days earlier to allow enough time for searching for accommodation and for going to public offices and authorities. Please note that the university and public offices are closed on a weekend (which begins at midday on Friday and ends on Sunday) and on public holidays. You should therefore not arrive in Bamberg on these days.

The deadlines and appointments which you need to fulfil are listed in your letter of admission.

In addition, every student should participate in the orientation days for new students which are held before the beginning of the semester (Erstsemestereinführungstage). Information on the orientation day programme is available when you enrol and on the University of Bamberg homepage.

Arriving in Bamberg and Your First Days

Check List of Things You Need to Have with You When You Arrive

Welcome! In the next few days you need to take care of a lot of formalities. Please remember that you must have the following things with you when you arrive in Bamberg:

To bring:

  • Letter of admission
  • All documents required for enrolment (as listed in your letter of admission)
  • Sufficient cash
  • Passport
  • Proof of health insurance*

To do:

  • Search for a room (rental agreement, make an appointment for getting your key, etc.)*
  • Open a bank account and e.g. pay your rent and rental deposit into the account*
  • Go to a statutory health insurance office (proof of health insurance)*
  • Citizen Registration Office (Einwohneramt)/Aliens Registration Office (Ausländerbehörde)
    ⇒ register your address and - if necessary - apply for a Residence Permit (Aufenthaltstitel)*
  • Send your documents for enrolment to the Enrolment Office (Studierendenkanzlei) by post
  • Plan your studies

* Detailed information on visas and on the necessary formalities such as opening a bank account, getting health insurance, registering your address/applying for a residence permit are provided in our Welcome Brochure and in our information leaflet (see Downloads). You will receive these documents together with your letter of admission.

In addition, you can find general information on the university and about the city of Bamberg on our website as well as a list of Information from A to Z.


The following information can be downloaded in PDF format. You need the Acrobat Reader from Adobe.