Modular Studies

In the summer semester 2024, you can choose from a wide range of modules at the University of Bamberg.

Please note that for enrolment in modular studies, only the modules included in a respective semester’s notification are available.

Notification of the modules for the summer semester 2024(243.1 KB)

Archive of modules offered to date

In a modular study programme, you can attend the course combinations known as modules to acquire academic or professional qualifications and complete them with an examination. Once you have completed a module, you will receive a certificate indicating your mark and the ECTS points earned.


Please note that we also offer a wide range of part-time studies. Feel free to contact the Student Advisory Service to find out which alternatives will suit your goals.

In order to enrol in a modular study programme, the following qualification or entrance requirements must be verified:


For modules from teacher training or bachelor’s degree programmes

  • general higher education entrance qualification
  • or subject-specific higher education entrance qualification
  • a certificate recognised as equivalent

How can I enrol in a modular programme?

Prospective students must enrol online and select the modules desired. In general, the modules chosen for a given semester cannot exceed a maximum of 30 ECTS points.


After successful online enrolment, please send the printed enrolment application and all documents listed for postal enrolment for the summer semester 2024 during the period from 18 March to 28 March 2024.

If you are interested in a master’s level module, please be aware that since modules from a master’s degree programme require proof of admission to master’s studies, an application for the master’s degree programme with the respective module is required before enrolment. After successful online application, you must submit the application for enrolment in the master’s programme. Provided you receive an admissions letter, you can enrol by post.

Applicants with vocational qualifications

Prospective students with vocational qualifications can find information on our website concerning access to higher education for those with vocational qualifications.

Prospective students with foreign citizenship and certificates from abroad must apply at the International Office for bachelor's modules at the University of Bamberg. The office will check whether requirements concerning university entrance qualification and the requisite German language proficiency are fulfilled.

How much do modular studies cost?

In addition to the Studentenwerk fee (€ 70), you also have to pay for the semester public transport ticket (€ 48.60).

How long do modular studies take?

You can take modular programme courses in either one or two consecutive semesters (standard duration).

How long is enrolment valid in a modular programme?

If you have chosen a one-semester module, your enrolment is valid for one semester. In this case, you must re-enrol for the following semester. If you have chosen a two-semester module, you simply re-registerfor the following (second) semester.