Frequently Asked Questions

Find some frequently asked questions, especially concering application, admission & denial and enrollment here. If you have questions concerning accommodation, living conditions etc., find detailed information here. 

If you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask! Please state the master's degree you applied or wish to apply for in any case! If you have already applied, please state your application number, too.


Find the application deadlines here. Please note that there is on deadline on January or July, 15th, except given for secific courses on this site.

Find information on the German language level necessary here.

Please send your application to the following address:


Mailing address:
University of Bamberg
Enrolment Office (section II/1)
D-96045 Bamberg

Address for parcels:
University of Bamberg
Kapuzinerstraße 16
D-96047 Bamberg

Important notice: If the Mailing address is not applicable in your country (zip code 96045 unknown), please use the address for parcels!

Have my application documents been received by the University?

If you send your documents via post, courier will deliver them to the central post office of the university. If can take some days until they reach the Enrolment Office. When we received the application, we will scan them. You will then notified by the systems automatically via email. From this point on, you will be able to follow up the application status in the online portal.

Please refrain from enquiries whether documents have been received or not! 

Am I eligible for the course?


The enrolment office can't give you information on your eligibility, since this work is done by the examination boards. Please refrain from such enquiries. The only way to get an answer to this question is to hand in a complete application with all the necessary documents, which we can process to the examination board.  

Is there an application fee?


There is no application fee at the University of Bamberg.

Do I have to send my application to uni-assist?


The University of Bamberg has no cooperation with uni-assist. Conversion of your grade is done by the academic registrar. We use the bayerische Formel and adhere to the guidlines set by the Kultusministerkonferenz.

When does the application for the summer/winter semester start?


Application period for the winter semester starts around May, 15th, Application period for the summer semester around November, 15th.

For applicants who need visa it is recommended to send a complete application for the winter semester until July, 15th, for the summer semester around January, 15th. However, these dates are not a deadline! Find our definite deadlines for applying here. If you're facing trouble with visa processing, see below!

When do the classes start?


Classes for the summer semester start around 15/April, clases for the winter semester around 15/October.

I have been admitted to a master's degree, but I'm not able to enroll for the semester which I applied for. Do I have to apply again for the next semester?


Usually, it's not necessary to send us a whole new application. Your letter of admission can be updated for the semester you wish to enroll - as long as the examination regulations haven't changed. Please contact us, we'll check this and either send you the updated letter of admission as PDF then or recommend a new application.

I missed the application dead line. Can I apply anyway?


An application for the semester after the deadline, which is the last date for enrollment for most of our master's degrees, is not possible. Please do not send us your documents without an application form! We won't be able to process your application since an application number is missing.

Can I apply for a scholarship?


The University of Bamberg does have a small amount of scholarships available to all students ("Deutschlandstipendium"). Find more information here.  

I do not have German language level B2/C1, which is necessary for the master's degree I want to apply for. Is there a chance to get a conditional admission?


Unfortunately, we do not offer the possibilty of a conditional admission for the masters' degrees which require German language level B2 or C1. Verification of language is a mandatory part of the complete application. If you do not hand in a German language certificate, your application won't be processed. 

For Master's degrees which require German language level C2, a conditional admission is possible if you can provide German language level C1. Admission then is granted under the condition that you reach level C2 within the first two semesters of the master's degree.

If you wish to learn German at the University of Bamberg, it's possible to apply to the DSH semester course. Find information here.

For International Degree Programmes: I have an English proficiency letter from my University / My whole education was done in English - Is this excepted as language proof?


English proficiency letters are not accepted as language proof by the University of Bamberg, since they do not refer to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Thus, a comparison to other applicants is not possible. Please hand in one of the following certificates to proof your English proficiency: 

  • UNIcert
  • Cambridge Certificate

Can I study in part-time?


Most of our masters' degrees can be studied in part-time. The request must be made during the enrollment procedure at the acamdemic registrar.

Please note: student visas usally are issued by German embassies for full-time studies. Thus, switching to part-time studies may affect your visa status! You should contact the appropriate aliens authority before your decision!

Iran: Do I need certified copies by the German embassy in Teheran?


All documents from Iran must be certified by the German embassy in Teheran. Find out more on documents and certifiactions.

Online Application Form

Higher Education Entry Qualification - What shall I fill in?


Higher Education Entry Qualification means your school leaving certificate in most cases. However, some Countries have a University Entrance exam (e.g. Spain, Turkey, Iran, China, Colombia).

Please choose first "im Ausland (aHR_39)" and the date of the acquisition. If you know your mark in the German grading system, please fill in the mark without a comma (e.g. 24 if you achieved a GPA of 2,4). If you don't your mark, you can fill in 10.

Last thing to do is to choose the country, where your Higher Education Entry Qualification was acquired.

Prior/earlier studies - what shall I fill in?


Please fill in the semester you were first enroled at a Higher Education Institution ever i.e. usually the semester you started your undergraduate studies.

Admission & denial

My application has been denied. Can I apply again in the following semester?


You can apply again in the following semesters. In this case, all you need to do is to send us a new online application form (printed out & signed) and the additional documents, which were not part of your previous application.

Enrollment procedure

Do I have to enroll in person?


You can't enrol in person at the University of Bamberg at the moment, unfortunately due to coronavirus restrictions. Please send your documents via post. Find more information here.

Which health insurance shall I choose?


Every prospective student has to prove his/her insurance status to the university before enrolling (§ 199a SBG V), regardless of nationality and type of health insurance (statutory or private health insurance).


Please register with a German statutory (!) health insurance company and ask for an insurance certificate for Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg. The health insurance company will then transmit your insurance status directly to our university by means of a notification in the electronic procedure. You do not need to arrange anything further.

Scholarships & Dormitories

Can I apply for a scholarship?


The University of Bamberg does have a small amount of scholarships available to all students ("Deutschlandstipendium"). Find more information here.  

Does the University of Bamberg administrate dormitories?


Unfortunately, the University of Bamberg does not administrate any dormitories. Most dormitories in Bamberg are administrated by the Studentenwerk Würzburg (see here for general explanation of the term: You'll find more information here.