How do I apply?

Application Process

Students who wish to take part in an exchange programme at the University of Bamberg must first apply to the responsible persons (e.g. Study Abroad Office) at their home university. The selection of applicants for the programme is carried out by the home university. The home university nominates candidates who must then complete the University of Bamberg’s online application. Selected applicants will either receive the link to this application from their home university, or it will be sent via e-mail by the University of Bamberg.

The annual application deadline for winter semester studies is 15 May, and the deadline for summer semester studies is 1 December. All required forms, including a passport photo, must be received by the International Office prior to the deadlines per e-mail only.

After the International Office has reviewed your application materials, you will receive an official letter of admission as an e-mail attachment. This is an important document that you must print out and bring with you to Bamberg. The letter of admission is your provisional enrolment certificate. You need it to verify your status as a student in all official and university-related matters.

Details concerning your stay in Bamberg and information about scheduling your own courses as well as a list of courses in English can be found here.

Additional Offers by the International Office

The International Office of the University of Bamberg offers a variety of different activities for exchange students. One of these offers is the preparatory course. This German course is open to all exchange students from partner universities. Additionally this programme also offers leisure activities and day trips. The dates and more information concerning the preparatory course can be found in the application documents (s. online application).

Additionally the International Office offers a Tandem Programme to all exchange students. This programme brings together both exchange students and  students already studying at the University of Bamberg to ensure an easier start for the new exchange students.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Bamberg as an exchange student!