Next Steps

Preparation Prior to Going Abroad

Placement Test

All exchange students are required to take a placement test prior to beginning their exchange studies. You will receive a link to this test via e-mail in January (for the summer semester) or June (for the winter semester).

Registration for Exchange Student Preparatory Course

This course is geared towards all exchange students from the University of Bamberg’s partner institutions. The exact dates of the course can be found in the online registration form.

Participation is voluntary but recommended, not only because participants can get to know all other foreign students, but also because the course provides the opportunity for students to refresh their knowledge of the German language and culture. The German course takes place daily for the duration of 4 lesson hours. Additionally, a recreational and studies-preparation programme is included in the price of the course. The course costs €250.  It includes an introduction to online registration systems, a library tour, a review of important dates and deadlines, information from faculty ERASMUS coordinators, enrolment assistance, help with settling in, city tours, a "city game" to get to know Bamberg, excursions, film evenings, and other activities.

To register for the course, you must complete and submit the "Vorbereitungskurs" form by the specified deadlines. Registration forms received after these deadlines will only be considered if course places are still available.

Students may earn 6 ECTS points for successfully completing the preparatory course. In order to receive credit, attendance is compulsory, meaning that students may not miss more than two sessions without a valid excuse. Students taking the course for credit must also give a presentation and either take an exam or write a final paper.

Initial Financial Requirements

Here is a list of estimated monthly costs you can expect to pay during your stay in Bamberg, based on a monthly rent of approx. €350.  Please note that when you arrive, you will additionally need approx. €400 for the deposit on your accommodation and your semester contribution fee.

Monthly Rent€ 350
Living Expenses€ 350
Total€ 700


Please find detailed calculations of living expenses here(165.6 KB)

Student Accommodation in Bamberg

Application for Student Halls of Residence

If you are interested in living in one of Bamberg’s student halls of residence, the International Office can help you find a room. You should fill out the "Wohnen in Bamberg" form and send it to the International Office before the deadline. For organisational reasons, the International Office can only make you one room offer. You will not be able to choose a specific hall of residence.
If you have submitted the "Wohnen in Bamberg" form with your application, you will receive written confirmation approximately two months prior to your arrival in Bamberg. This will specify the address of your hall of residence, the monthly rent and the start of the rental period.

Rooms arranged through this service are either one-person apartments with a kitchen and bathroom, or two- and three-roomed apartments in which residents share a kitchen and bathroom.

Each hall of residence has only a limited number of apartments that are assigned on a first come, first served basis.

Those who do not wish to use this service will have to arrange for private accommodation in Bamberg independently.

Rent prices for all student accommodation vary, therefore we cannot guarantee that rents will not increase. Please be advised that students must pay a deposit on their room or apartment.

All information relating to your accommodation, including contracts, payments, collecting your keys, etc. is available from your hall of residence only. Please do not address such queries to the International Office. 

Please check with your hall of residence whether you are required to pay your deposit and your rent for the first month of your stay before departing to Bamberg or after you arrive.

Before you come to Bamberg, please find out whether your country uses SEPA for bank transactions. If it does not, you will need to open an account in Germany when you arrive so you can pay your rent, for example. Rent in Germany is not payable in cash. 

The term or period of your rental agreement is fixed by your hall of residence and is non-negotiable. The rental period is as follows: 

  • Winter semester: 1 September through 28 February
  • Summer semester: 1 March through 31 August

This means that tenants must pay rent according to this schedule, even if they have not yet moved to Bamberg at the start of rental period (e.g. students first arriving in October or April, respectively). This applies without exception to all University of Bamberg exchange students.

Private Housing

On request, the International Office can provide you with information on looking for accommodation independently. (This applies only to those students who wish to find accommodation on their own and who have not had arrangements made by the International Office. Due to the scarcity of private accommodation in Bamberg, this option is not recommended.)

Further information

Travelling to Bamberg

When should I come to Bamberg?

In addition to your letter of admission, you will also receive a detailed schedule of dates and deadlines. This will help you to decide the day on which you should arrive at the university. We would advise you to arrive one or two days in advance of this date.

In advance, all exchange students must inform the International Office via e-mail of their arrival date in Bamberg.

Please note that you will only be able to move into your hall of residence from Monday to Friday.  Specific opening hours are included in an information sheet that you receive from the International Office when you are allotted a room in your hall of residence. If you arrive on a Friday afternoon or on a Saturday or Sunday or on a national holiday, you will have to find accommodation in a hostel or hotel until regular opening hours on Monday.

You should arrive in Bamberg no later than the beginning of October (winter semester) or the beginning of April (summer semester) so you can participate in our "first-semester student orientation days" (Erstsemestereinführungstage, see - webpage in German only).

Checklist: What to Bring

Please see the "Spezielle Informationen für Austauschstudierende – Special Information for Exchange Students" leaflet, listed under "Informational Downloads," for information on what to bring.


Enrolling at the University of Bamberg

In order to enrol at the university, you must take care of several important things. To make this process easier, we have listed all important to-do’s in the order in which you should do them. (Please follow the order below!)

1. Transferring Student Union Contribution Fee

Please see the “Spezielle Informationen für Austauschstudierende – Special Information for Exchange Students” leaflet, listed under "Informational Downloads".

2. Enrolling at the University Registrar’s Office

Official enrolment is completed at the academic registrar’s office. You must register in person.

Please see the "Spezielle Informationen für Austauschstudierende – Special Information for Exchange Students" leaflet, listed under "Informational Downloads".

Details on Exchange Studies in Bamberg

Learning Agreement

Please see the "Spezielle Informationen für Austauschstudierende – Special Information for Exchange Students" leaflet, listed under "Informational Downloads"

Course Registration

Please see the "Spezielle Informationen für Austauschstudierende – Special Information for Exchange Students" leaflet, listed under "Informational Downloads".

Registering for courses and exams on "FlexNow"! (online portal for course and exam registration)

Please see the "Spezielle Informationen für Austauschstudierende – Special Information for Exchange Students" leaflet, listed under "Informational Downloads".

Courses taught in English

You can find lists of courses taught in English here.