Before Leaving Bamberg

Departure Checklist

De-Registration from University ("Exmatrikulation")

Submit this document(148.5 KB) to the students' service centre during opening hours if you need a confirmation of de-registration from your host-university.

De-Registration from Residents Registration Office

Notify the Residents Registration Office of your departure either in person by booking an appointment at city hall, or by contacting them via e-mail. For the latter, please consult the information sent to you by the International Office.

De-Registration from TV & Radio Tax ("Rundfunkbeitrag")

De-register from the TV & Radio tax via their website (only after having received confirmation of de-registration from the Residents Registration Office). Please keep your contribution number ("Beitragsnummer") on hand in case they need to contact you in the future.

Cancellation of German Health Insurance Policies

If you have taken out a German health insurance during your stay in Germany, you must contact your health insurance provider 2 weeks before your departure from Germany to cancel your policy.

In case you have not taken out a policy but had your foreign health insurance verified by a German statutory health insurance, you do not need to take any other steps.

Closure of Bank Account in Germany

Close your German bank account (if you opened one) after your last rental payment if you do not need it any longer.

Please make sure then to notify your dorm provider/landlord or-lady of your change in account as they need valid bank account information to transfer your deposit back to you after your departure.

Official Handover of Rental Property

Meet the caretaker of your hall of residence (or private accommodation) for a walk-through and to return the keys of your rooms. This is necessary as they need to officially record the state of your rental property before your departure in case the next tenant reports damages for which you might become liable later on.

Please contact them about a week in advance to schedule the appointment as it might not be possible to arrange a meeting last minute.

Tenants of Studierendenwerk Würzburg: Deposit Return Form

If you are going to change your bank account, please fill out this form for the return of your housing deposit and submit it to the Studierendenwerk Würzburg. Please consult their website for more information.