Before Leaving Bamberg

Departure Checklist

Here's a short list of the most important to-do's:

  • Exmatriculate at the registrar’s office during opening hours
  • Notify the Citizen Registration Office (Einwohneramt) of your departure
  • Cancel health insurance: if you have taken out a German health insurance during your stay in Germany, you must contact your health insurance provider 2 weeks before your departure from Germany
  • Close your German bank account (if you opened one) after your last rental payment
  • Meet the caretaker of your hall of residence (or private accommodation) for a walk-through and to return keys
  • Submit a transcript of records request to the International Office
  • For students staying in Studentenwerk Würzburg halls of residence: Fill out the form for the return of your housing deposit and return it to the Studentenwerk Würzburg:

Transcript of Records

If you need a list of course credit that you have earned in Bamberg for your home university – a "transcript of records" – you must send an e-mail request to the International Office well in advance of your departure from Bamberg.

In the middle of the semester, the International Office will send you an e-mail with the title "Transcript of Records." This message will contain a form (Word document) that you should fill in and return via e-mail to the International Office (

At the end of semester, your grades and ECTS credits are entered in "FlexNow", our online portal for course and exams registration. In the event that your course is not listed in FlexNow, you will receive your grade and ECTS credits in hard copy (called a Schein).

You must bring your original Schein to the International Office plus a photocopy before you leave Bamberg. If your Schein has not been issued to you before you leave Bamberg, please request your course instructor to send it directly to the International Office. (Please be advised that a Schein sent to us by you via e-mail cannot be accepted.)

As soon as all your course results are available, the International Office will send the Transcript of Records directly to your home university.