Loss, Damage and Replacement of Student ID Cards


Unlike its predecessor, the Mifare card, the new Mifare-DESfire card cannot be duplicated since InterCard has fitted it with AES technology (Advanced Encryption Standard). To prevent third parties from making counterfeits and misusing cards, a forgery-proof passport picture of the card holder is printed onto the card for authentication purposes.

Student ID cards are exclusively for personal use and are not transferrable. We urge you not to let third parties use your card, particularly in light of functions such as library use and the electronic purse. As long as you follow these recommendations, including locking your card in the event of loss of theft, the risk of misuse is relatively low.

If you chip card is lost, be it due to carelessness or theft, you must report it immediately. You can do so by emailing servicecard@uni-bamberg.de. Please send the message from your university email account so we can verify your identity.

As soon as the card has been locked (usually one work day after being reported), the chip card can no longer be used at any university terminal (this also applies to the electronic purse). Once the card is locked, your library account will also be disabled in order to prevent misuse by a third party.

Chip cards can be unlocked as long as you have not received a replacement card. Only the card holder can unlock it. You can request that your card be unlocked by sending an email from your university account, as this account requires that you identify yourself by logging in. We will unlock your card immediately upon receiving your message.

Other cards, such as cost centre cards, can easily be unlocked.

You can have a new student ID issued in the student office.A processing fee of EUR 10.00 is incurred for issuing a new chip card.

Please bring your identity card with you.

You can pay the fee of 10 euros in the student office by EC card.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to refund any credit on a lost card.

If you have a defective student ID card, please come to the student office in person so that the error can be read out.

Two weeks after issue of a new card, the Student Union will refund any credit that was on the damaged or locked card. To save you the extra effort, the student office normally takes care of transferring your old card to the student union.

You can either personally collect the credited amount at the student union office, or it can be transferred to your bank account for a fee of 50 cents. This is the only way to ensure that no further bookings are made with the card in the meantime.

If you have problems with your chip card’s electronic purse, please contact:

Ms Manuela Platok Studentenwerk Würzburg, Bamberg office
Austraße 37, Zimmer 015 (2. Etage), 96047 Bamberg
Opening hours: Mon - Fri 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Phone: +49 931 8005-811
Email: m.platok@studentenwerk-wuerzburg.de