Part-time studies

At the University of Bamberg, almost all degree programmes can be studied part-time.

Application for part-time studies

The application for part-time studies(322.4 KB) can be submitted by to the Registrar's Office from the beginning of the re-registration period until the closing date for enrolment of the respective semester.

For the winter semester 2024/2025, the deadline is 17 June 2024 until 30 September 2024.

Please note:

As soon as your submitted application for changing your type of studies has been processed, you will be able to see this change for the applicable semester in the online services when you print out a new enrolment certificate.

A change in the type of studies will only be visible in FlexNow at the beginning of the respective semester due to the later semester rollover in this program!


The standard programme duration for a part-time degree programme is twice as long as for a full-time degree programme.

You can earn a maximum of 18 ECTS per semester in a part-time degree.

After two part-time semesters, the number of ECTS points earned is checked on the reporting date of 31 October and 30 April.

For further information on part-time studies as well as a list of degree programmes and subjects that can be studied part-time, please see: Regulations for part-time study in Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes at the University of Bamberg.