Semester ticket

Students acquire the semester ticket at Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg when they enrol or re-register.

The fee for the semester ticket will be 43.80 euros from the summer semester 2022 onwards.

Every student must pay for the semester ticket, even if they are on leave of absence.

Only severely disabled persons who are entitled to free transport in accordance with the Severely Disabled Persons Act (SchwbG) and are in possession of the supplement to the ID card with the associated token are exempt from the obligation to pay the fee.

With the valid student ID card (chip card), public transport (buses, trains) in the city and district of Bamberg can be used. This is valid around the clock and also during the lecture-free period.

The semester ticket is compulsorily linked to the student status.

You can no longer use the semester ticket on the day of exmatriculation.

Information on the 9-Euro Ticket

The following applies to University of Bamberg students:

The semester ticket of the University of Bamberg is automatically valid as a 9-euro ticket and thus as a Germany-wide, all-day ticket for the period from June to August 2022. You do not have to do anything! Neither you have to make a payment, nor will you receive a refund.

With your semester pass, you can use the services of the Germany-wide public transport system (all commuter trains, buses, underground trains and trams) throughout Germany for the period from June to August 2022. Please note that this ticket is not valid for long-distance travel (for example ICE/IC/EC trains).

The semester ticket of the Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg (validated student ID for the summer semester 2022) in combination with your identity card is valid as proof.

More Information on the 9-Euro Ticket (VGN)


Unfortunately, the University of Bamberg cannot refund your ticket. If you have already bought a ticket, we recommend that you ask 'Deutsche Bahn' whether you can get the ticket refunded.

In order to use your student ID as a 9€ ticket, your student ID must be validated for the summer semester 2022. This means the validation until 30.09.2022 should be printed legibly and visibly on student ID card.

Vending machines to validate your ID card can be found at the following locations:

  • in the stairwell of Kapuzinerstraße 25 (Central Administration)
  • in the area of TB2 in the large stairwell at Markusplatz 3
  • in the entrance area of TB4 at Heumarkt 2
  • in the entrance area of TB3 at Feldkirchenstraße 21
  • at Weberei 5 (ERBA), in the entrance hall, next to the lift

Refund of fees

There will be no refund of the semester ticket fee for students of the University of Bamberg in the upcoming winter semester 2022/2023, as the monthly fee for the semester ticket is cheaper than the 9 € ticket.