User’s Manuals


Please pay particular attention to the following:

  • Log out of FlexNow as soon as you are finished using a public computer.
  • Disable your screen if you leave your workstation briefly.
  • Do not save your login data (BA number and password) in your browser if you are sharing a computer or other mobile device with other persons…
  • However, if you insist on using this shortcut and trust the other person(s) completely and still save their access data (we strongly advise against this!), always check which user is currently logged in before taking any action in so as not to mistakenly carry out a transaction for another person.



1.      General Information

1.1.   Examination and Course Registration in General

1.2.   General Studies (Studium Generale)

1.3.   Important: Email Addresses!

1.4.   How do I know if my contact person is at an academic unit office or in the Office of Examinations?

1.5.   Changing the Interface Language

2.      The FlexNow Student Interface

2.1.   Display on Desktop Computers (e.g. on large monitors)

2.2.   Display on Mobile Devices (e.g. on a smartphone)

2.3.   Notifications

2.4.   User Tips

2.4.1. Navigation -> Browser Applications

2.4.2. Links

2.4.3. Blocking Pop-ups

2.5.   News

2.6.   Student’s Data

2.6.1. Subscribed xxams

2.6.2. Exams Taken

2.6.3. Subscribed Courses

2.6.4. Reports

2.6.5. Semester Summary

2.7.   Exam Registration

2.8.   Deregistering from Exams

2.9.   Registering and Deregistering from Courses

2.10. Dates

2.11. Data Sheet