FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Registration and Deregistration

You will repeatedly come across the term centralized or decentralized testing. The main difference is that central exams all have the same reporting date. They are organized by the examination office and inspection is carried out centrally by the examination office. In the case of decentralized examinations, the chair or professorship organizes the examination itself and independently determines the reporting deadline and the time and procedure for inspection.

How you can tell in FlexNow when registering or in your student data whether it is a centrally or decentrally organized exam is described in the FlexNow instructions under point “1.4 How do you know whether the right contact is the examination office or the chair is?”.

At the beginning of the semester, you can already see in the list of registration deadlines and examination dates (as soon as the organizing body has created the respective examination and entered the data in the system) whether the examination is central (centrally organized examination = ZOP) or decentralized (course-related examination = LVP) is organized.

If your browser cache is not deactivated, please press the key combination [Ctrl] + [F5] after clicking on the button concerned. This overwrites the cache for the affected page and completely reloads the data on the page.

In addition, there may be problems with the Safari and Opera browsers. If clearing the browser cache does not solve the problem, please use the latest version of Mozilla Firefox.

Modules you have already begun (modules for which you have already registered for credit and for which you would like to register for further credit or a repeat examination) cannot be found using the search function! In this case, you must use the expandable tree structure to locate these modules!

Please check if you have set up a forwarding function from your student email account and correct it if necessary.

In rare cases, the mail server may be overloaded or there may be a technical problem. As a rule, delivery of these outstanding e-mails is merely delayed.

However, this has no influence on the result of your transaction. If necessary, check in the Student’s Data section whether the registration/deregistration was successful.

Under certain circumstances, it is possible to change the elective modules. For regulations on this, please refer to the examination regulations that apply to you.

However, you can only make a change (where permissible) via the Office of Examinations. Please contact the appropriate staff member for this purpose.

If a script error occurs during Firefox login, please proceed as follows (an illustrated German-language guide is available here):

  1. Enter "about:conifg" (without inverted commas) in the address bar.
  2. Click on the button to accept the risk and continue (Risiko akzeptieren und fortfahren)
  3. Enter "dom.max_script_run_time" (without inverted commas) into the “Suche:” edit line.
  4. Double click the result of the search ("dom.max_script_run_time").
  5. Enter "40" (without inverted commas) into the input field and confirm by clicking “OK”.

Examination Dates

The examination schedule is made available online at the beginning of the lecture period at


Rooms and times will be added to the dates well in advance of the start of the examination. You can also find the exact times and rooms for your centrally organised examinations in your Student’s Data section of FlexNow.

For central exams, you can also find the exact times and rooms under your student data in FlexNow. Since the examination schedule mentioned above only lists the examinations centrally organized by the examination office, you will find all the data available in FlexNow in the list of registration deadlines and examination dates as soon as the organizing bodies have entered them in the system. It is also indicated whether the examination is organized centrally by the examination office (centrally organized examination = ZOP) or decentrally by the chair (course-related examination = LVP).


To reset your password, please contact the Computing Centre’s IT support staff.

One possible explanation could be that you have accidentally activated the Caps Lock.

Please also be aware that your password is identical for your e-mail account (baxxxxxx) and the other LDAP-authenticated systems such as FlexNow.

When you enrol, the Registrar's Office will give you your access data with the initial password.


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