Student ID Card

Your chip card serves the following functions:

  • Student identification
  • Semester public transport pass
  • Electronic purse (payments made in dining halls and for copying and print jobs)
  • University library card
  • Admission card for the ERBA library/branch library 4 (outside of regular opening hours)
  • Access to lockers in branch library3, branch library 4 and branch library 5

Each student receives a personal ID card at the time of enrolment.

Your card must be validated at one of the validation stations immediately following enrolment and each subsequent re-registration.

Your first student ID card is provided free of charge.

For more information: /studium/interesse/einschreiben

Your student ID card also functions as a semester-long ticket for local public transport. More information on this service can be found here.

The library activates the chip card for use as a library card.

To log in to the online catalogue, please use the larger (printed size) of the two numbers to the right of the bar code on the back of your card. Your default password is the day and month of your birth, written together in numerals (DDMM). You can change this password at any time after logging into the online catalogue.

Your student ID card is personalised, meaning that it is linked to the BA number of your personal email and electronic services accounts. Therefore, you must use your ID card in combination with your personal login information to access campusprint services.

Using your ID card, you can use the university’s photocopy machines for copying, printing and scanning. Your card must have a minimum available balance of €0.80.

A list of currently available multi-function photocopy machines can be found here. Please note that not all devices are unlocked for the purse.

Further information on campusprint is available from the Computing Centre at