29€ Discount Ticket

The 29-Euro discount ticket is a reduced-price Deutschland-Ticket(in Bavaria) and is valid throughout Germany. It will be on offer to students in Bamberg beginning in the 23/24 winter semester.

The 29 Euro discount ticket is only available as a mobile phone ticket and can be purchased via an internet portal and/or via a VGN app.

In winter semester 2024, students at the University of Bamberg can utilise the discounted Deutschland-Ticket for a monthly fee of €20.90.

The Bavarian Discount Ticket (discount Deutschland-Ticket) at a Glance

Who can purchase the discount tickt?University of Bamberg students, as per Art. 1 Abs. 2 BayHIG
When can I purchase the discount ticket

Beginning on 1 October 2023, students enrolled at one of the eligible universities in the VGN (greater Nuremberg transit region) will be able to use the Bavarian discount ticket (discount Deutschland-Ticket).

Where can I purchase the discout ticket?As a mobile phone ticket via VGN.
How is the eligibility check conducted?

The eligibility check for University of Bamberg students is carried out via a Shibboleth interface and all necessary data is provided via that system.

No other eligibility verification (form) is required.
How much does the discount ticket cost for University of Bamberg students?The payment made for the semester public transport pass will be credited to the discount ticket from the summer semester 2024 onwards. In concrete terms, this means that since the Bamberg semester public transport pass currently costs €48.60, €8.10, which has already been paid to the semester pass as a monthly solidarity contribution, is deducted from the €29.00.


In the order process, the price for the discount ticket is displayed as follows:


Unfortunately, the discounted payment amount of € 21.70 (€ 29 own contribution minus € 7.30 solidarity contribution) cannot be displayed in this step of the order process due to the system. However, it can be seen in the list of monthly amounts.