Mensch-Computer-Interaktion/Human Computer Interaction (WS 2008/2009)


General Information

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Recommended Reading / Links

Recommended textbooks:

Further reading:

  • Stephen M. Kosslyn. Elements of Graph Design. W. H. Freeman & Co, 1993 [Review]
  • William Newman, Michael Lamming (1995). Interactive System Design, Addison Wesley.
  • Mark Maybury, Wolfgang Wahlster (1998). Readings in Intelligent User Interfaces, Morgan Kaufmann.
  • B. Goldstein (2002). Sensation and Perception, 6th edition. WADSWORTH.
  • J.R. Anderson (2000). Cognitive Psychology and its Implications, Fifth Edition. Worth Publishing.
  • J. Bortz. Lehrbuch der empirischen Forschung für Sozialwissenschaftler. Springer.
  • H. Balzert (2000). Lehrbuch der Software-Technik (1). Spektrum. Chap. 16-20 (Ergnomie)

Relevant links:

Lecture Notes

  1. Introduction to HCI [pdf]
  2. Human Perception and (Cognitive) Ergonomics I [pdf]
  3. Human Perception and (Cognitive) Ergonomics II
  4. Empirical Evaluation of Software-Systems I [pdf]
  5. Empirical Evaluation of Software-Systems II 
  6. Memory Organization and Information Presentation [pdf]
  7. Knowledge Representation and Users' Mental Models I [pdf]
  8. Knowledge Representation and Users' Mental Models II
  9. Cognitive Architectures  [pdf]
  10. User Modeling with GOMS [pdf]
  11. Tutor Systems I [pdf] see also: History of ITS, in German, by Puppe
  12. Tutor Systems II
  13. Enduser Programming [pdf]
  14. Problem Solving by Analogy [pdf]
  15. Summary and Perspectives


We will conduct a small empirical study, covering several aspects of theory and methods introduced in the lecture.

Past Studies:

  • WS 0809: Do People Prefer Irrational Ratios? A New Look at the Golden Section (Report)
  • WS 0708: The effect of video console training on performance in bowling (Report) (Paper)
  • SS 07: Designing and evaluating a "HowTo" poster for the copying machines of Uni BA (Report)
  • SS 06: Designing a usability study for VC
  • SS 05: Comparing the understandability of two different graph representations

Excursion to the "Tower of Senses

Further Documents

Introduction to LaTeX by Klaus Stein (2005) [pdf]

Talk by Thomas Wittenberg, Fraunhofer IIS (Feb 2008): Computer-Assisted Diagnosis [pdf]

Course Archive

[SS 05] [SS 06] [SS 07]  [<link kogsys/teaching/archiv/mensch_computer_interaktion/>WS 07/08</link>]