Reading Club Kognitive Systeme (SS 11)

General Information

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  • This course addresses master students and doctoral students.

Topic: Emotion Mining in Images and Text

Emotion mining is a current hot topic with applications in market research, psychology and political sciences. In the seminar course we will review research papers addressing the state-of-the art machine learning techniques for identification of emotions and images and text.

Some references:

Pang, B. & Lee, L. (2008). Opinion mining and sentiment analysis. Foundations and Trends in Information Retrieval, 2, 1-2, pp. 1-135.

Ashok Samala and Prasana A. Iyengara (1992). Automatic recognition and analysis of human faces and facial expressions: a survey. Pattern Recognition, 25, 1, 65-77.

Fasel, B. & Luettin, J. (2003). Automatic facial expression analysis: A survey. Pattern Recognition, 36, 259-257.

Reading Club Topics:

(prepared by Peter Grossmann and Robert Pollack, additional attendand: Jens Marshall)

  • Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis (Pang & Li)
  • Sentiment Analysis and Subjectivity
  • Automatic facial expression analysis (Fasel & Luettin)
  • Facial Affect Recognition in Human-Computer and Human-Robot Interaction
  • Modeling Communication with Robots and Virtual Humans
  • Multimodal Affect Recognition in Learning Environments

Block Seminar:

  • Tobias Scholz: Facial Expression Analysis for Lie Detection
  • Tobias Goldbach: Opinion Spam Detection
  • Andreas Böhnke: Opinion Mining for Consumer Research
  • Umut Yilmaz: Opinion Mining in Politics


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