Reading Club Kognitive Systeme (SS 10)

General Information

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  • This course addresses master students and doctoral students.

Topic: Aspects of Cognitive Robotics

We want to explore some special aspects of cognitive robotics, especially:

  • Learning by doing of generalised behavioral strategies and
  • Mechanisms of collaboration for joint problem solving.

 We will discuss special applications with

We will explore psychological foundations of joint action.


  • Introduction to Igor (Hofmann, Schmid) [IP Introduction] [Systems] [Cognitive Rule Acquisition Device]
  • Symbol Grounding (Marius Raab und Mark Wernsdorfer) [Slides]
  • Lernen von Regeln aus konstruierten Beispielen zur kommunikationsarmen Kollaboration von spezialisierten Robotern in dynamischen Umgebungen (Andreas Hirschberger)
  • Frame Problem/Igor on Wheels (Marius Raab und Mark Wernsdorfer) [Slides]
  • Kollisionsfreie Navigation (Manfred Stenzel) [Slides]
  • SLAM (Andreas Habermann) [Slides]
  • Grundlagen der Kommunikation (Martin Sticht) [Slides]
  • Kollaboration (Michael Albert)

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