Bamberg: Fun, safe, historic - a real student city!

With its perfectly preserved historic city center, entirely classified as UNESCO World Heritage, Bamberg is widely recognized as one of Germany's most beautiful cities.

But more importantly, Bamberg is a true student city! With its 80.000 inhabitants and 12.000 students, studying in Bamberg is a vibrant experience. Lots of events at university and in the city, clubs, bars, restaurants, music and theater, you name it!

And English is definitely Bamberg's second language. Throughout the year, numerous tourists from all around the world fill the streets of the city - as well as its beer gardens, which locals refer to as beer cellars.

Here are the key arguments for Bamberg:

  • Bamberg is a true student city
  • Lots of events and festivals throughout the year
  • Our entire city center is UNESCO World Heritage
  • Vibrant student life with clubs, bars, restaurants, theaters, concert hall etc.
  • One of the safest cities in Germany, very low crime rate
  • Great high speed train connections to Nuremberg (30 min.), Munich (1.5 hours), Leipzig (1.5 hours), and Berlin (3 hours)
  • Fast motorway links to Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin, Nuremberg, Würzburg, and many other cities
  • Easy access to airports in Nuremberg, Munich, and Frankfurt
  • One of the largest networks of foreign partner universities that you can find among German-Language universities!

Not to be neglected: The advantages of a smaller city such as lower living costs and the family-like environment at a smaller university like ours!

... and did we already mention: Bamberg is Germany's beer capital with numerous excellent private breweries!

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