Lernende Systeme/Machine Learning (WS 2007/2008)

General Information

  • For a general course description please read the corresponding pages from the WIAI module guide.
  • You find administrative information at UnivIS.
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Recommended Reading / Links

Recommended textbook:

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Lecture Notes

  1. Basic Concepts of Machine Learning [PDF]
  2. Foundations of Concept Learning [PDF]
  3. Decision Trees [PDF]
  4. Perceptrons and Multilayer-Perceptrons [PDF]
  5. Human Concept Learning [PDF]
  6. Inductive Logic Programming [PDF]
  7. Genetic Algorithms / Genetic Programming [PDF]
  8. Instance-based Learning [PDF]
  9. Kernel Methods  [PDF]
  10. Bayesian Learning [PDF]
  11. Computational Learning Theory [PDF]
  12. Reinforcement Learning [PDF]
  13. Inductive Program Synthesis [PDF]
  14. Analytical Learning [PDF]
  15. Further Topics in and Applications of Machine Learning [PDF]

Exercise Sheets

[WS 04/05] (einmalig zusätzlich im [SS 05]) [WS 05/06] [WS 06/07]