Starting in SS24 FIISM-B will be offered by the ISPL group (Platform Economics). Please contact the chair for further information.

ISM-FIISM-B: Fundamentals of International Information Systems Management

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Daniel Beimborn, Julian Frey



Learning Objectives:

After having accomplished this course, students will have an understanding about particularities of general management and IS management in an international context. They will be able to handle basic IS management tasks in an international environment and they will be sensitive to challenges caused by international and intercultural settings as well as by virtual collaboration.


This module equips IISM students with the basics of their IISM curriculum and serves as introductory course.

Building on the basics of information systems (such as learned about in ISM-EidWI-B, SNA-WIM-B or in a similar course), we will develop a deeper understanding about information systems (IS) management, about international management, and about particularities of IS management in an international context. Accordingly, the course consists of three parts, covering those areas.


  • 6 ECTS / 180 h
  • Admission requirements: none
  • Recommended knowledge: ISM-EidWI-B (or any equivalent „Introduction into IS“ course) is required. SNA-WIM-B is recommended, but not necessary (students can catch up the relevant parts by reading some extra literature).
  • Frequency: SS, annually
  • Forms of teaching: lecture and tutorial - 4,00 SWS
  • Language: english
  • Written test (exam) / duration: 90 minutes


Will be announced in class.