Exam dates: Chair of Sales and Marketing


Dear students,

these are the offical exam dates of our courses in the summer term 20:


Business-to-Business Marketing & Purchasing - 13.07.2020

Nachhaltigkeit in Vertrieb und Marketing - 16.07.2020

Customer Management (nur noch Wiederholer) - 16.07.2020

Introduction to Marketing Intelligence - 22.07.2020

Price Management - 10.08.2020

Sales and Marketing Management - 17.08.2020

Methoden der Marktforschung - 26.08.2020


We would also like to remind you to register for your exams in time. On 28.05.2020, the registration period for the centrally organised exams starts. The registration deadline is on 10.06.2020.


Kind regards,

Chair of Sales and Marketing